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Very cute and exciting Soccer Stars game

Simple, but super-entertaining and competitive gameplay

Compete and race online with people all around the world

Swiss company

Now that the fast-paced Internet can be downloaded anywhere, many companies have started to make online games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Soccer Stars is one of the most powerful games offered by, one of the most prominent examples of such games. Continue with in introducing and reviewing this game.

atributies :

  • Ability to play online
  • Simple but very challenging gameplay
  • Ability to play with strangers or friends
  • The ability to play as a guest (Guest) or create a Miniclip account and also use Gmail or Facebook as an account.
  • The ability to earn money and coins with each match
  • It has 3 types of games (Play One vs One, Tournament and Double Prize)
  • Ability to use default chats with the opponent, including (What A Goal, Thanks, Great Shot, Oops, Unlucky, So Close, Good Game, etc.)
  • Ability to view opponent’s profile, such as nationality (flag), level level, number of ordinary tournament wins and tournament championships
  • Ability to search accounts by writing the names of people and …
  • Ability to use Daily Spin and Free Coins for more coins
  • Ability to purchase different systems
  • The ability to change the appearance of the beads by purchasing different packages

Play Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is one of the most popular and popular games these days that have invited millions of players from around the world to compete. This game is in the sport style and a combination of several different sports games, including football, billiards, Air Hockey and more. The rules of the game are simple.

A ball, two gates and ten beads (player) will face the sides of the ground. You will control 5 beads. Each player has one turn after another. When you hit yourself, you have to wait until your opponents hit him. Of course, a census has been made for these occasions, which is about 15 seconds. If this time is over, the next player will be given a turn.

How to play Soccer Stars 

The method of playing Soccer Stars is also simple. You have to go through the goal with the right targets and use the strategy of the game, taking into account the rules of physics and realistically treating the objects. The soccer stars are followed in many different ways. One-to-one games or tournament games are one of those games. Each of these two games is divided into large categories.

These stacks will cost more money for entry and will have a bigger prize. Of course, there is also a way to earn coins. The use of daily spins or free hourly coins is one of these. You must pay attention to the Entry Fee for each match for each match. Entry Fee is the same as the initial money for entry. For example, for One vs. One If you enter the contest and lose, the money will be lost, but in the event of a win, you will be given the opponent’s money in addition to your planted money.

Different parts of the game, including tournaments

You must pay the specified amount to enter the tournament. Then you have to put 3 people in the tournaments that start with 8 people to be your champion. The tournament championship is usually more than 5 times the amount planted first. Also, in the Double Prize, with a minimum coin of 1,000 coins, you should use all your coins in a high-risk move. If you lose all your money, you will be confiscated, but in case of a win, your money will double.

With each win, you will be given a number of points with the Fans + title. The more fans or fans you get, the higher you can get.The win against top level is one way to win more fans. In the One vs. section One game always chooses the levels near you to make the game fair.

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