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Play Online and Beautiful Basketball Stars

Swiss company is a producer of World Soccer Stars

Great graphics alongside competitive gameplay in the basketball style

Today’s online games play a huge part in mobile games. In this context,’s creative studio is a highly-struggling opponent with the production and distribution of several popular games in the field. The 2014 Soccer Stars game was created by the studio, a new revolution in simple two-dimensional and online games. The game, which was able to achieve the maximum audience, is a model for other games. This game has a solid defensive wall, and this has led to no hacked version of Miniclip online games. The popularity of Soccer Stars , followed by games like , encouraged creators of the game to produce a game for basketball enthusiasts. Basketball Stars is the new title of the studio in 2016.

atributies :

  • Attractive graphics and 3D designs
  • Excellent environmental design
  • Simple but very entertaining and challenging gameplay
  • Doubles Basketball Tournament Style
  • Ability to compete with thousands of different players around the world online
  • Ability to participate in friendly matches, tournament and …
  • Has bets with different values
  • Personalization of players and basketball players
  • There are different places and different playgrounds
  • More Level Up
  • Easy to learn and playable for all ages
  • Ability to dribble, defend, throw, block, kidnap, and …

Introducing and reviewing the Basketball Stars game

If you are a mobile online gamer, you’re probably familiar with studio games. The most popular of these games is Soccer Stars , which has a lot of fans and a millionth audience. This simple yet very lovely game was a spark to create other games by this studio. The Basketball Stars game is one of those games that was released after the popularity of Soccer Stars and was released in March 2016.

Basketball Stars Unlike the Soccer Stars game, which uses two-dimensional graphics and full-fledged designs, it features high-level graphics, a three-dimensional design, and a very realistic design. Basketball Stars just like Soccer Stars, all the main features of the game online. You can play the game by making an account or using your Google account.

Check out the Basketball Stars gameplay

Basketball Stars is a two-player online basketball competition. You will be logged in randomly at the same time as someone requesting a competition. Your task is to score the maximum amount of balls in the basket during the time period and earn points.At the same time as yours, your opponent also throws his balls in the same basket. If balls are thrown at the same time, they may hit each other!

Each time you score points by throwing the ball in the basket, your ration will be farther away with the basket, which means your challenge will be greater. Of course, it should be said that the goal of the balls is to take extra pleasure from the ruggedness of the ball. After the end of the time, the winner will receive the highest score. In the event of a tie in the first stage, the second stage begins to determine the winner. The gameplay is also very simple and understandable. You can see the style of the game well in less than 5 seconds. But right when you think the game is simple, misplaced launches and misplaced targets prove you judged early.

In the Basketball Stars game, you can enjoy a lot of hidden and freely available items, as well as personalize your basketball player. Basketball Stars is a lightweight game that can be used with regular Internet. If you are a sports enthusiast especially a street basketball tournament, we suggest you try the beautiful Basketball Stars game.

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